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About Us

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"This looks great, but I don't understand what it does", "Computer stuff is complicated", "I know how to do my job... but not with this application"… these are a few remarks I have encountered during my consulting days at client sites while I was implementing solutions to "improve" productivity.

How is it that a tool supposed to help people can actually unsettle them. A few (not that many) cups of coffee (and also some eurekas) later, I thought I had to put IT as a tool that comes to help, and not as an all-powerful system that would direct one's work.
It took me some time, meeting and finding people with the same vision as me, to create Colience, a company specialized in a computer environment at the human service. In a world where technical tools are ubiquitous, what makes the the heart, strength and competitiveness of a company? ... People ... that's the basic force we must rely on and my job is to provide the tools that will highlight these human means.


MISSION: Colience helps any business, whatever its province, by creating on demand and custom made computer solutions, designed to improve daily efficency. All businesses are included: small firms, corporations and associations looking for a way to increase their efficiency in their daily tasks and to present it as a competitive advantage.
Our specificity is the method with which we implement our IT solutions: we work with an interactive, collaborative and incremental approach... This drastically decreases the time a management team has to spend with an IT or developer subcontractor. This is called « zero business disruption experience ». Because company managers need to focus on their business, non on computer tools.

VISION: « Human being first !!! » this could be our motto. We apply this logic three ways:
  • with our customers : our methodology always focuses on the same question: how can I help you ? and this is replicated at all the stages where our IT solutions are used, from managers to handlers.
  • with our employees: each Colience employee is valued for his work , but moreover he may initiate a project and submit it to peers for support. The employee committee steers the company's strategy: Colience, a multi-brand, multi-branches structure, allows everyone to express and launch his project.


They trust us






It is often necessary to begin to hope and persevere to succeed.

- Gilbert Cesbron -

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